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pavers and retaining walls

Rosetta Hardscapes: Finally, manufactured concrete that looks natural! Rosetta combines the look of natural stone with the versatility and functionality of a modular concrete product. Products in this wet-cast line include: the Outcropping Collection of retaining walls, the Belvedere Collection freestanding walls & columns, and the Grand Flagstone and Dimensional Flagstone Collections of uniform thickness paving slabs. These realistic looking stones will enhance any area while decreasing square foot cost and installation time when compared to natural stone! Also available are Fire Pit Kits, Dimensional Units, and Steps. Once you see Rosetta, you’ll want it!


Cambridge Pavingstones


Edging and Spikes

Manufactured Blue Stone

PolyBind Sands & Sealers: Polymer sand is the only way to finish off a walkway, patio, or driveway correctly today. All polymer sands, however, are NOT the same. Choose only PolyBind by Alliance Polymer Sand or Stone Dust to protect your investment and prevent pavers from shifting, prevent weeds, and limit erosion. PolyBind by Alliance offers several product choices in several different colors to make sure you have the right product for your project. Doing it yourself? Their easy to follow, step by step instructions and quick set-up time are perfect for that weekend DIY project. In addition to Polybind, Alliance offers a full line of sealers and cleaners designed to protect your project and keep it looking just the way it did when it was finished.


Oaks Pavers: If you’re having trouble finding the right option for your driveway, patio, or walkway then Oaks has the solution! From standard 4×8 brick shapes to tumbled pavers to textured paving stone slabs, Oaks has a product to suit your needs. Choose from: the Classic Series, which not only contains 4×8 pavers, but 8x8s and 12x12s as well all in that classic paver style; Colonnade, a tumbled paver with 5 different sizes and multiple unique color options, Centurion, an embossed paver with 6 different size options, and Villanova, a new, large scale paver with a surface texture as close to natural stone as you can get! The only trouble now is… which Oaks paver do you choose?!!

Oaks Permeable Pavers: Can solid concrete absorb water? Sounds like a ridiculous question, right? Well, the answer is…yes! Kind of. Permeable pavers from Oaks allow us to create a hardscape that takes on water rather than repelling it. This allows water to return to the ground much quicker than it would in traditional paver patios, conserving water and protecting the environment in the process. There are three different options to choose from. Enviro Pave is a one-size paver designed mostly for industrial/ commercial applications but may fit for some residential projects. Turf-Slab is a grid-shaped paver which, when laid, provides plenty of area for stone or grass in between. Hydr’eau Pave is the most aesthetically pleasing of the options, with a variety of sizes, gentle earth tones, and a textured surface, making it the perfect choice for many residential projects. Whichever you choose, isn’t it good to know you’re doing your part to help the environment?

Keystone Retaining Walls: For 20 years now, Keystone has been an innovator and leader in the segmental retaining wall industry. From being produced one-at-a-time by hand in the back of a garage to being mass produced & distributed all over the world, Keystone is known by name for their quality products. Choose from the tumbled, double-faced Verazzo, the classic Victorian retaining wall, or the unique rockface look of Hewnstone. Keystone can provide an aesthetically pleasing result in any landscape.

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