water gardens

Pumps, Filters, and Fittings

Skimmers: In pond and exterior skimmers

UV Clarifiers & Sterilizers

Custom Cut Liner (45 mil EPDM) and Underlayment

Additives: Bacterias, De-Chlorinators, Algae Control, Pond Salt, Flocculants

Fish: We stock Standard Koi and Butterfly Koi. We also sell several varieties of goldfish including Shubunkins & Comets. We also carry native species including catfish.

Food: Seasonal, Color Enhancers, Medicated. Visit Ecological Laboratories to learn more about some of the different types offered.

Fish Health Products

Aquatic Plants and Supplies: Marginal, Floating, Oxygenators and Water Lilies. Pots, Soil, Floating Islands, and Fertilizers.

Faux Waterfalls and Rocks

Underwater Lighting: LED lights in white or color changing

Accessories (Hose, Nets, Plant Trimmers and Plant Fertilizer tools Etc.)

Fountains: In pond, Stainless Steel, Natural Stone and Basalt. We also have the ability to special order spitters.

Predator Control Products: Including pond netting, Blue Heron Decoys, Floating Gators and Motion Activated Scarecrow

Please do not hesitate to ask if we have the ability to bring in items you may not see on our showroom floor, we have access to thousands of items but have limited display space.

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