Kim and Gail Maddox: A need for customization in pond construction prompted the beginning of Landmasters.

“Necessity is the Mother of Invention.”

When Kim Maddox decided to give his wife, Gail, a waterfall pond complete with koi fish, he could not find the products or installation guidance to do it right. In the early nineties, the only option was a “pond kit.” After ordering it, Kim was frustrated because the overpriced kit contained components that were not needed, or did not even fit the size of his waterfall and pond shape. These garden pond design and size limitations prompted Kim and Gail Maddox to form the initial idea for Landmasters.

At first, the Maddoxes focused solely on the design and installation of garden ponds: taking various classes on plants, fish, and water gardens along with gaining hands-on experience. HGTV even filmed a segment featuring their expert advice on the installation and maintenance of garden ponds. Soon, Kim and Gail became the local experts and their product inventory grew to include natural stone and manufactured retaining walls. Kim attended Allan Block University where he gained proficiency in retaining wall construction.

While forming their company, the Maddoxes also consulted with co-founder David L. Ryan, an award-winning, Certified Nursery Landscape Professional (CNLP), who has been in the landscape design business since 1972. Having studied at Syracuse University’s College of Environmental Science and Forestry and graduated from Cobleskill, David brought his inspired, expert approach to landscape that perfectly complemented the Maddoxes passion for waterscapes.

Today, the Maddoxes shared interest in garden ponds has grown into a passion for every aspect of an outdoor environment – from brick pathways to customized patio lighting.

Charles Longyear, President and Co-Owner of Landmasters Landscape and Construction Division

With over twenty years experience in landscape, masonry, commercial building construction, and home remodeling, Charles is able to provide our customers with his expertise and experience in a wide-variety of landscape projects. Charles, an award-winning landscape designer and graduate of the SUNY College of Technology at Alfred, oversees all project work undertaken through the Syracuse location and ensures excellent craftsmanship at every step – whether it is constructing a retaining wall or building a custom gazebo.

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